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Philosophy like you’ve never seen it before
The latest in the celebrated Cartoon Introduction series, The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy is an authoritative and engaging guide to the fundamental questions about our existence. In this indispensable primer, Kevin Cannon—one of the talented illustrators behind Evolution and The Stuff of Life—and the philosopher Michael F. Patton introduce the wisecracking Greek Heraclitus, who hops in a canoe with us as we navigate the great debates of Western thought. As we make our way down the winding river of philosophy, we meet the pre-Socratics, who first questioned mythology and wondered about the world around them; encounter the disciplines of logic, perception, and epistemology; face the central problem of free will; and witness historic arguments over the existence of God. Along the way, famous thinkers like René Descartes and Immanuel Kant spell out their work in clear, lighthearted conversations that will put readers at ease.