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Don’t let ‘white blindness’ drive you into debt! Make your wedding everything you want it to be on the budget you determine. Are you planning a wedding, but worried about how much money you’ll have to spend? In today’s tough economic times, planning a budget wedding is more important than ever. This fun, money-saving guide is packed with tips for planning the wedding of your dreams without breaking your bank account! Inside you’ll find tons of tips and advice for planning a budget-friendly celebration while still remaining true to your personality, values, and tastes. You’ll see how to make and keep your wedding budget; select the most economical time to get married; scope out wedding locations that fit the bill; and incorporate everything from economical to green ideas that emphasize style and elegance. Plus, you get tips and pointers for negotiating with vendors and avoiding hidden expenses and add-ons. Hands-on information for planning a stylish wedding while sticking to your

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