Business administration degree program or commonly called commercial administration is a study program that studies everything related to various business and corporate operational activities. As the activities in question are such as marketing activities, financial management, personnel management, to production activities.

Not only will you learn about running your business, but you’ll also learn to create your acts. The business in question is not only reselling products and taking profits but creating value in products that will be marketed later.

Business administration certainly also studies all matters related to managing office facilities and infrastructure, processing data accurately, and even managing information related to office work. Well in this article we will talk about what can be done by the ainess administration degree.

What Are Possible Career with a Business Administration Degree?

The science of business administration is one of the branches of science that is needed in the tight competition of business today. Business administration employment opportunities or prospects are still wide open and very diverse. This one major is indeed quite much in demand by students and is widely available in universities.

There are many things you can do if you choose a business administration program. Well below are some job prospects if you take a college program majoring in business administration degree.

Business Consultant

Graduates majoring in business administration have the opportunity to work as business consultants in a company. As a business consultant, you will work to provide advice, input, or solutions that will later be used by business people and company leaders to make business decisions. Currently, the profession of a business consultant is also much needed by many companies and business people. The amount of salary you can get as a business consultant can vary which is certainly very interesting.

Marketing Staff

As a graduate of business administration, the opportunity or other business administration job prospect is to work in a company by occupying a position as a meeting staff. This is because in the department of business administration you will learn about the marketing science required by this position.

Marketing staff is also a fairly important position in the company because you will be the spearhead of the company that will market the products or services they produce to the community. As a marketing staff, the amount of salary you can receive will vary from now on. Marketing staff will usually also get additional bonuses beyond basic salary if they manage to achieve sales targets from the company.

Company Management

As a graduate of the department of business administration, you can also work in the field of corporate management. There are many positions in the field of corporate management that will relate to managerial and administrative matters for the business interests of the company.

The amount of salary obtained from this profession can also vary which will certainly be used enough for life in the future and can continue to grow according to your experience and also the credibility of the company you work for.


For those of you who are interested in the world of education and want to serve as a teacher, you can also choose a career as a lecturer. But after graduating from the department of business administration you must continue your master’s degree or master’s degree first.

After completing a master’s program in this field, you can directly work as a lecturer at various universities that open business administration majors. A lecturer’s salary also varies greatly depending on your experience.

Administrative Staff

As a graduate majoring in business administration, of course, you, have enough administrative knowledge so you have a great opportunity to work as an administrative staff in a company engaged in any field, because every company will need administrative staff.

Bank Employees

You can also work in the banking industry after graduating from business administration. There will be many positions in banking companies that require experts from business administration graduates. The salary you will get as a bank employee can also reach a large number.  Wellcome futures and also jobs that you can choose if you take an education in a business administration degree program. I hope this information can be useful for you.